Activities to date

Time line of activities to date

August 2021: The selected artist were informed by email that their application to participate was successful. They were each sent a detailed contract and asked to return along with a biog and headshot for website and social sharing.  Website: 

September 2021: First online introductory workshop. This was facilitated by Jo Mangan and assisted by Ferga Moran, and attended by all 11 participants. It was an opportunity to introduce the structure of the programme and to introduce the artist to one another and speak about their individual art forms and aspirations for the programme. 

October 2021: In the week from Monday 25 -29 October, Jo Mangan conducted online one on one meetings with each artist to discuss in detail where they were needing support and what they hoped to achieve during the Creation residency. Each meeting lasted 1.5 – 2 hours and the information gathered informed the structure for the November Workshop. 

November 2021: The first in person workshop was held in Dance House Ireland, Dublin on  Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 November. The weekend was facilitated by Jo Mangan and Dina Abu Hamdan (Denmark), and assisted by Ferga Moran, with a visit from festival partners director Jazmin Chiodi from Dublin Dance Festival, and Lucy Medlycott from ISACS. The two day intensive workshop gave the artists an  opportunity to share their individual art and explore improvised collaboration in a series of group and partnered exercises. On the  Saturday evening the group attended Dēmos by Liz Roche Dance Company at our partner Dublin Dance Festival Winter Edition.  

Post-workshop, each artist was invited to share their reflective feedback, this feedback is an integral part to the ethos of the programme design as it helps to inform us to continue to build a programme that meets the artist where they are in their artistic development and allows us to support in the areas they need. 

December 2021: In early December the participants met  online with director Benjamin Perchet from Carlow arts Festival, Emma Martin from United Fall,  Pau Estrem from Danseu Festival, Catalonia and Michael Trainor who would be facilitating with Jo Mangan at the Tyrone Guthrie Centre in February. This meeting introduced the artists to the partner festivals, with a view to establish how they can support the artists throughout the residency through both development and presentation at their individual festivals.  The festival directors shared information about the upcoming festival programmes and gave the artists the opportunity to speak about themselves and their individual art practice, share ideas and hopes for collaboration, as well as ask questions.

January 2022: in January Sarah Longfield (, a cultural and creative business coach met online with the group in a 2.5 hour introduction to coaching workshop.  This purpose of this workshop was to give an overview of what coaching is and how it can best support creative practice. The Coaching demo and discussion exercises encouraged the group to think about what outcomes they might want from coaching/mentoring and define the kind of coach they may want to work with in the more intensive one on one sessions as part of the programme. Post-workshop the group were again invited to share their feedback, the information gathered was used to inform this element of the Tyrone Guthrie Centre residency in February. 

February 2022: The group had an immersive week-long residency at the Tyrone Guthrie Centre in Monaghan. This residency was facilitated by Jo Mangan and Michael Trainor (UK) with  guest online facilitation and interview with Emma Martin. This week gave the artists the opportunity to deeply dive into the development of collaborative works in progress, creating intimate creative connections , mentoring and coaching sessions. Post-residency the artist were again invited to share their feedback about the week and further illuminate where they require support.

March 2022- Onwards : This was the organisation stage of the April international residency in Olot at Faber Llull, Catalonia in partnerships with Institut Ramon Llull and Danseu Festival. It will be a fantastic opportunity for the artists to work with international facilitators and expand their practice and networks which will include international festival directors and other partners to discuss opportunities for our artists throughout the Summer and into the final event of the project – the National Circus Festival. 

Other Notes: 

  • All in person meetings have been conducted with strict adherence to Covid 19 Health and Safety standards and in line with our own Covid Safety Protocols which have to date included daily Antigen testing and N95 Mask wearing.
  • There is an active Creation 21/22 WhatsApp group, where the artists regularly share support, ideas and networking conversation.   

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